ISSN: 1746 – 1278

Vol:58; Special Issue 04 | June 2022

Theme : Impact of political, social and economic factors in Globalization, Economic rationalism, bureaucratic domination and political capability

Guest Editors: Dr. Saifil Ali Mohamed Ismail and Dr. Purushothaman

Promoting Win- Win Farmer Tourists’ Interaction for Agri Ecotourism Promotion in State Of Rajasthan, India

Dr. Mohit Sharma, Dr. Jolly Masih and Dr. Rajkumar Rajesekaran

Digital Financial Inclusion through Self-Help Groups in India

Astha Vyas and Dr. Ranjul Rastogi

A Conceptual Framework of Relevance & Significance of Collective Bargaining Concerning the Automotive Industry

Rakesh Kumar Singh and Dr. Niti Chatterji

A Study on Conceptualization and Validation of Scale for Measuring Patriotism

Niharika and Rajan Yadav

Impact of Behavioral Finance on Investors’ Decision Making Ability Using Multiple Discriminant Analysis

Girish Garg, Dr. Tej Singh and Riyaz Ali

Forecasting Exports of Processed Foods Using Time Series Analysis

Neha Saini and Roopali Sharma

Managing Consumers Experience in Healthcare: An Netnographic Approach to Decode Personal Level Attributes

Harish B Suri and Dr.Sanjeev Verma

Commercial Bank Credit and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Nigeria

Sarah O Anyanwu, John O. Aiyedogbon and Obumneke Ezie

Moderating Effect of Opinion Leaders Influence and Presence in the Daily Interacting Group on E-Lifestyle –Consumers Journey Linkage in the Selected White Goods Purchase Using Structural Equation Modelling

Mariappan Gnanaprakash

Study of Consumer Behaviour With Respect To “Revital H’ As Nutraceutical Product

Dr. Rashmi Mishra

Digital Currencies and Trade in Nigeria

Sarah O Anyanwu, John Olu-Corisaiyedogbon and B.O. Ohwofasa

Psychological Contract: A Bibliometric Analysis

Sonia Maini

Economics of Cryptocurrencies in Nigeria

John O Aiyedogbon, Emily Joshua Gyang and Emmanuel Sunday Ologunla

Impact of Implementing New Policies by Government of Different Countries amid Covid -19: An Exploratory Study on Various Industries/Sectors

Dr. Priya Vij and Dr. R Gopal

Employees Emotional Resilience and Their Performance in Workplace (New Normal) To Mitigate Covid-19 & Its Successors

Marirajan Murugan and Dr. M.N.Prabadevi

Investigating Factors Affecting Consumer Decision Making In the E-Tourism Market: A Comparative Analysis of Online Travel Booking Interfaces and User Generated Content on Decision Making

Satadruti Chakraborty and Dr. Dipa Mitra

Exploring the Impact of Covid-19 on Global and Indian Financial Markets, Foreign Exchange Market, Global Commodity Market and Cryptocurrency Market by Forecasting Through Arima Modelling

Surabhi and Satish K Mittal

Impact of Pandemics Situations on Logistics- Special Reference with Indian Market

L Komagan andDr Kiran Kumar Thoti