ISSN: 1746 – 1278

Vol:58; Special Issue 03 | June 2022

Theme : Discourse Studies: Theories and Methodologies at the Crossroads of Social Sciences and Technology

Guest Editors: Dr krishanveer Singh, Dr kapil Bansal, Dr Omparakash Agrawal and Dr Prateek Bansal

The Past, Present, and Future of the Gig Economy

Dr. Bindiya Gupta and Dr. Bhumika Achhnani

Role of Gender Impacting Leadership Effectiveness

Eshna Manoj Bajpai

Consumer’s Attitude towards Mobile Marketing Communication of Fashion Products: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Dr. Alok Bansal, Dr. Minal Uprety and Sumit Zokarkar

Paradigm Shift of Consumer Behavior towards Shopping: In-Store Shopping To On-Line Shopping: A Bibliometric Analysis

Niharika Bajeja, Hina Rachch, Bhumi Vyas and Narayani Bhatt

Financial Performance of the Jute Textile Industry in India-An Analytical Review

Barnasree Chatterje, Dr. Udayan Das, Dr. Nilanjan Roy and Dr. Saswata Choudhury

Labour and Social Inclusion an Indian Prospects

Dr. Chhote Lal Yadav

Queen Bee: The Culprit or the Victim of Sexism in the Organisation?

Dr. Bhumika Achhnani and Dr. Bindiya Gupta