ISSN: 1746 – 1278

Vol:58; Special Issue 01 | April 2022

Theme : Insights of Business Studies, Management, Economics, & Social Science Perspectives

Guest Editor : Dr. Uttam Roy

A Study of Health Care Services in India: A Viability Analysis

Dr. Deepa Joshi

A Study of Role of Human Performance in Safety of Aviation Industry

Aishwarya Ashesh Pandey, Rajkiran Prabhakar and Jatoth Sai Kiran

Gender And Job Role Differences in Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions among Service Sector in India

Amrita Saha and Dr. Neena Nanda

Infusing Emotional Intelligence to Diffuse Leadership Effectiveness of Managers -A Review Study

Mithila Roy Bardhan and Dr. Madhurima Ganguly

Joining Motives and Binding Factors for Volunteers with a Non-Profit Initiative: An Empirical Study of Centre for Conflict Management

Dr. Parul Sharda and Dr. Pallavi (Joshi) Kapooria

A Pursuit of Cures to Corporate White-Collar Crimes through Applied Indian Mythology- An Empirical Study

Saptarsi Ganguly and Dr. Amit Majumder

New Ways of Working and Psychological Wellbeing of Employees in Covid-19 Pandemic Context: A Eudemonic Perspective

Dr. Archana Thulaseedharan and Dr. Sarbani Mukherjee

Did Covid – 19 Affect Tourism Industry of God’s Own Country –Kerala?

Santhosh Nithyananda, Samyuktha Paliathuparambil Suresh and Sangama Paliyathuparambil Suresh

Distance Academic Advising Roles and Skills during Pandemic: A Survey of Jazan University

Dr. Chamandeep Kaur, Ahmed Unnisa Begum, Samar Mansoor Hassen, Dr. Mawahibsharafeldin Adam Boush and Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain

An Empirical Investigation of Changing Food Preferences among the Mogaveera Community in India

S.Ruban, Sumitha Achar and Alwyn D’sa

Achieving Hr Deliverables with Hr Scorecard: A Case Study of Sel Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Ludhiana (India)

Dr. Sandhya Mehta, Dr. Nidhi Sharma and Vidhu Gupta

Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Framework to Explore Antiviral Sanitation Service Intentions among Chennai Based Business Proprietors to Propel Firms Operational Success

Sridevi Gopakumar and Dr. Madhava Priya Dananjayan

Analysing the Effect of Strategy, Innovation, Networks and Complexity on Organisational Adaptability- The Mediating Effect of Leadership

Anil Kumar Yadava, Mohammad Chand Jamali, Sonia Singh, Mohammed Abu Shohada and Faiza Qasmi

Integrating the Principles of Strategic Human Capital and Strategic Human Resource Management to Improve Organisational Performance

Dr. Manju Shree Raman, Dr. Vijayalakshmi N.S, Shagun Sood, Mohammad Chand Jamali and Mohammed Abu Shohada

Application of Blockchain Technology as a Support Tool in Economic & Financial Development

Sumit Kumar, Dr. Bhupendra Kumar, Dr. Yagman Nagesh, Freeman Christian Gborse and Ernest Sogah

Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance for Working Professionals Using Machine Learning

Dr. Ravindra Pathak, Annapurna A, Dr. Monica Chauhan Bhadoriya and Dr. Niva Bhandari

Machine Learning-Based Predictive Analysis of Student Stress

Dr. Anita Venaik, Dr. D. Elamparuthi, Dr. Satuluri Padma, Dr. Prashant Gupta, Utkarsh Venaik and Dr. Archana Rathore