ISSN: 1746 – 1278

Vol:57; Issue 140

Relationship between organizational culture and performance among German multinational companies in Mexico

Kathrin Oberföll, Maria Elena Camarena Adame, Maria Luisa Saavedra García

Effects of innovation on the growth of ecuadorian firms: a quantile analysis

Luis Enrique Simbaña-Taipe, David Rodeiro-Pazos, María Jesús Rodríguez-Gulías, Sara Fernández-López

Power Asymmetries: An Analysis of Gaps between Hierarchical Levels and Organizational Culture

Carlos Molina, Boris Heredia Rojas, Gianni Romaní, Raúl Reynaga

The Emotional Intelligence of Senior Executives and their Effect on Products Innovation and on Processes Innovation

Carmen Dolores Blázquez Puerta, Guillermo Bermúdez González

Consumer perceptions of B corporations, purpose-driven brands and cause-related marketing campaigns: Knowledge, acceptance and appreciation at the time of purchase

Enrique Carlos Bianchi, Gaspar Gracia Daponte, Cristian Canziani

Factors that Contribute to Corporate Volunteering: Articulating Theory with the Practice of Companies

Stefanía Yapor, Patricia Correa

Knowledge donating and hiding as an organizational basis for intersectoral collaboration: a review of the literature

Federico Iriarte-Ahón

Barriers and Opportunities for the Transition to a Circular Economy. A Case Study of Chilean Cooperatives

Jorge Cea-Valencia, Adriana Villegas-Huencho, Rodrigo Sion-Sierra

The Role of Responsible Management in Job Satisfaction and Performance Within Banking Firms

Edith Patricia Borboa-Álvarez, Luis Enrique Valdez-Juárez, Roberto Limón-Ulloa, Oscar Ernesto Hernández-Ponce, Javier Saucedo-Monarque