ISSN: 1746 – 1278

Vol:57; Issue 135

Strategies in Dealing With Jointly Acquired Property When Spouses Disagree: An Overview of Islamic Perspective

Ahmed Ramadan Muhammad Ahmad Haris, Saad Gomaa Gomaa Zaghloul, Marina Abu Bakar, Muhamad Mustakim Abd Halim, Meryem Abous

Foreign Trade and Economic Growth Relationship: Empirical Evidence from Libya

Fouzi Salih Farag, Rossazana Ab-Rahim, Khairil-Annuar Mohd-Kamal

Perceived Barriers towards Physical Activity among Female University Students

Nor Zaihan Mat Hasan @ Mat Hussin, Annurizal Anuar, Naffisah Mohd Hassan, Siti Noorsuriani Maon

Testing the Validity and Reliability of a Writing Skill Assessment

Rachel Nyanamoney Moses, Hamidah Yamat

Issues and Trends of Teacher Professionalism for Malaysian Education

Salmi Abdul Patah, Yusof Boon

The Influence of HRM Practices on Employee Behavioural Intentions: Do Generational Differences Matter?

Shariff Harun, Siti Asiah Md Shahid, Abdul Kadir Othman, Mohd Khirzan Badzli

The Effect of Online Taxation Socialization, E-Commerce, Application of Accounting Standards on Tax Compliance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Jakarta

Feber Sormin

Career Self-efficacy (CSE) Influence towards Selection of Self-employment Career among Riau University Students’

Mhd Subhan, Salleh Amat, Abu Yazid Abu Bakar, Mohd Izwan Mahmud, Masud Zein, Heldanita A

Success Factors of Rural Entrepreneurs in Malaysia: The Proposed Model

Rikinorhakis Ridzwan, Mohammad Ikram Ramzi, Ahmad Mudzfir Zubir

Cultural Differences Factors Affecting Perceived Impact of ICT on Rural Business Potential: The Mediating Role of Productive Internet Usage

Nur Adila Binti Latif, Shahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce

Key Activities of Menu Management and Analysis Performed by SME Restaurants in Malaysia

Hao Bin Jack Lai, Muhammad Rezza Zainal Abidin, Muhamad Zulfikri Hasni, Muhammad Shahrim Ab Karim, Farah Adibah Che Ishak

Financial Technology and Financial Inclusion of Small and Medium Enterprises in Kabati Market Kitui County, Kenya.

Muthengi Agelyne, Salome M. Musau