Non Open Access Articles / Closed Access Journal Policy

These terms are applicable to authors of TBJAM Case Reports and TBJAM  Research articles, which are wholly owned or co-owned by TBJAM  and which are subject to the TBJAM  Journals Author Licence Terms or TBJAM  Case Reports Author Agreement agreed and as specified in the Supplement Materials. The rights granted to authors of non TBJAM  owned journals may or may not be as per below and author must check the relevant author licence. Definitions Author’s Original Version (Preprint) (AOV) – the pre-review manuscript that is submitted to a journal, or any earlier draft. Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM) – the final draft of a manuscript: post peer review, before the article is copyedited, typeset, and published. Version of Record (VOR) – the final published article. This is the version of the article that states “first published”. To assist searching for Journal articles, either via the Biodiversity Heritage library, or via a Search of Journals since 1964 (refer below), here is a Bibliography of Journals for TBJAM from 1964 to 2020.